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For nearly 40 years, DME has offered a full spectrum of essential hot runner systems and components' from hot sprue bushings to complete turnkey hot halves ready to bolt-on and operate. The newest offers include: The Unitized Open Gate, an ideal midway solution for those that don't need a full hot half system but seek minimal setup; the Zenith Valve Gate, a perfect solution for molders looking for a perfectly flat thermal profile; and the D-Max line of single hot sprue bushings, ideal for prototyping and short-run production.

Unitized Open Gate Hot Runner System

DME Company is pleased to offer the new Unitized Open Gate Hot Runner System, a high-precision system that comes pre-wired for fast, easy installation.

For customers who don't need a full hot half system with plates - but still want something with minimal setup time - the DME United Open Gate Hot Runner System is an ideal midway solution that reduces labor in sequential filling and family mold applications. Other processor benefits include improved part quality and part design flexibility, elimination of secondary trimming, with zero gate vestige on molded parts, and minimum flow disturbance and better system reliability, with side-entry nozzle flow channel. The new unitized system is available with front- and rear-loaded nozzle heater options and in "A" dimensions ranging from 52mm to 500mm

The system will benefit companies with multiple international locations because it adds to DME's growing global product platform - bringing replacement parts, standardization and simplified mold design across all operations by eliminating region-specific design characteristics.

Zenith Valve Gate Hot Runner Systems

DME is introducing a new solution for molders challenged with maintaining a perfectly flat thermal profile: the new Zenith Valve Gate Hot Runner System. This system is ideal when surface quality is important for both small and large part molding.

The Zenith HRS provides better thermal heat profiles in the nozzle and tip - areas where uniform heat is needed to prevent drooling or stringing. In addition to improving the thermal profile for the new product, DME also focused on optimizing the supply chain and logistics to bring the system to customers more cost-effectively and with shorter lead times.

Using standard DME Flex manifold heaters for improved displacement of heat, the Zenith HRS is an excellent choice for sequential filling and family mold applications. Benefits include improved part quality, reduced costs, increased part design options, wider processing windows, and enhanced surface finish through elimination of knit lines.

Available as a hydraulic or pneumatic hot half, the Zenith also offers front- and rear-loaded nozzle heater options and works with a wide range of materials, particularly amorphous and semi-crystalline polymers.

D-MAX Single-Drop Hot Sprue Bushing

The new D-Max line of single hot sprue bushings incorporate DME's standard slip-on, cast-in heaters on the nozzle body, which provides a more uniform heat profile than traditional square coil heaters.

The D-Max is ideal for prototyping and short-run production. The standardized bushings enable moldmakers to exactly simulate multi-drop systems using the same basic components - but without requiring special heaters, tips, retainers or needles. The D-Max bushings have two zones of heat: a slip-on, cast-in heater on the nozzle body and a square coil heater on the head area of the nozzle. The square coil heater uses a separate thermocouple and gives the user an accurate temperature reading to eliminate the heat soak time normally needed. Moldmakers can either control the heaters separately or run them together as one zone. The design of the heating mechanisms enables the bushing to handle a wider range of materials, including a broader range of crystalline polymers.

Hot sprue bushings have distinct advantages over cold sprues. Because of the length of setup time, cold sprues can have very high cycle times, based on the diameter of the sprue. Hot sprues enable the mold to open as soon as the part sets up and, as a result, produce much shorter cycle times. Since hot sprues have no cold runner, they also produce much less material waste.

D-Max bushings are available in three sizes, which are convertible for metric applications if necessary.

  • 250 Series (0.250 inch flow channel diameter)
  • 375 Series (0.375 inch flow channel diameter)
  • 625 Series (0.625 inch flow channel diameter)

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