Self-Loading Drum Rotator

Product Announcement from DRUM-MATES Inc.

Self-Loading Drum Rotator-Image

DRUM-MATES drum mixers or tote mixers, also called IBC mixers, can lower your batch mixing time and improve quality control by choosing the ideal mixer for your application!


• Complete Safety: Drums stay sealed while thoroughly mixing hazardous or special materials.
• Rapid Blending: Mixing time is very efficient, and short, especially with multi-axis rotation.
• No Exposure: No open drum - therefore no spillage, splash-out or fume venting.
• No Clean-up: No mixer cleanup is required, eliminating a step and potential exposure!
• Best Material Integrity: Frothing and shear effects can be reduced or eliminated

Corner-over-corner or end-over-end mixing provides a safe and speedy way for blending operations of dry-dry, dry-wet or wet-wet ingredients. Dry or wet materials that are hard to handle, sensitive, have varying particulate sizes, are noxious, volatile, corrosive, radioactive or otherwise dangerous to the operator or environment are best mixed with this method. These rotators thoroughly blend powders, liquids or other materials in sealed drums

The DM-300MAR Series of Corner-over-Corner drum rotators agitate the drum contents on 3 axis, ensuring ingredient uniformity in the quickest possible time. This method provides better compound homogeneity than other types of closed drum mixing as 3 axis rotation forces contents into continuous random mixing pattern.


Applications include agitation of hazardous, noxious, toxic, poisonous, or radioactive liquids, powders or agglomerates to avoid operator and environment exposure; admixing ingredients for in-drum manufacturing; reconditioning stratified liquids prior to decantation; dilution blending of concentrates or bases prior to use or repacking; gentle eddy stirring of sensitive solutions. Drums can be steel, plastic or fiber tighthead or lid clamped drums in standard or specialty size and shapes.

Method of Operation

The drum is rolled or hand-truck mounted from the floor and clamped into the DM-300MAR/SL self-loading rotator or with a hoist, crane or fork lift sling into the DM-300MAR. Rotators can work by rotating the drum corner-over-corner or end-over-end, at fixed or variable Rpm, depending on the model. Rpm control permits gentle or vigorous stirring of ingredients.


Includes start/stop/jog control and locking cradle for 55 gallon steel, plastic, fiber or specialty drum sizes or shapes. Rotators drives either air operated with built-in variable rotation speed Rpm valve, (typical air usage: 50 psi, 40 cfm), or electric Open Drip or TEFC 115/230/460 VAC, single or triple Phase, 60Hz or 50Hz motor with fixed speed (10, 15, 20 Rpm) on the End-over-End tumbler and built-in variable rotation speed 5- 20 Rpm on the self-loading electric model. Single or double drum rotators can be supplied with a standard or special cradle to fit your drum size or shape or an adapter inserts for smaller or specialty drums. Frames are finished in enamel, epoxy or stainless steel as required.

Optional Alternatives

• Double drum rotator (self-loader available in single drum only)
• Heavy duty models for drum weight loads exceeding 800 lbs.
• 115-230/VAC/1-3 PH/60-50 Hz (in fixed or variable speed)
• Explosion proof electric drive, 230/VAC/3PH/60~50Hz
• Variable drum size, (e.g. 5 gal. or 30 gal. drum cradle)
• Special Polymer coating, for "Wash-Down" duty tasks
• Auto-Batch timer is offered with the electric driven mdoels only
• Surround safety (OSHA) cage with auto-stop safety gate