AO32CPCI 32 channel simultaneous Analog Output

Product Announcement from D-TACQ Solutions

AO32CPCI 32 channel simultaneous Analog Output-Image
  • 16 bit DAC per channel for true simultaneous analog output.
  • Low cost CPCI peripheral card, recommended for use with ACQ196CPCI.
  • Low latency update mode - immediate write from PCI.
  • Clocked update mode - includes buffer for high performance AWG.
  • 1usec update DAC devices, AWG can operate to 1MHz.
  • Optional 64 bit digital output DO - DO can also be clocked.
  • Optional 64 channel PWM on DO
  • External clock, trigger, internal clock. PXI compatible clock and trigger lines. Multiple boards can be ganged together.
  • Output to front panel on S68 (HD68) connectors, pinout compatible with ACQ196CPCI.
  • Optional Output Mezzanine to customise analog output characteristic.
  • MS Summing Mezzanine combines AO channels in coarse/fine pairs for additional resolution.
  • MF Filter Mezzanine offers additional output filtering