#2420 Ultra-Flexible Microminiature FEP Lead Wire

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Ultra flexible high strand count bare copper conductor insulated with a 3.5 mil wall of non-hygroscopic fluoropolymer (FEP).  Silver-plated copper can be substituted for a 200° C rating.  Used for critical physiological and medical applications where small diameters, long flex-life and non-toxic insulations are of primary consideration. It’s designed for long usage in flow probes and pressure measuring instruments. It also withstands severe, repeated flexing in very high and low temperatures. 
Description: Single conductor stranded bare copper insulated with non-hygroscopic fluoropolymer (FEP) insulation. This construction allows for a uniform, flexible, concentric, quality construction.

Operating Temperature:  -150°C to +150°C (call for silver plated copper for 200°C)

Voltage Rating: 150V.
This series is RoHS compliant.

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