40 Watt Single and Dual Output, Isolated, 4:1 Wide Input Range

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DC-DC Converters Feature Miniature Package

Our MWB40 Series of isolated 4:1 wide input range 40-watt single- and dual-output DC-DC converters are housed in a miniature 2.0” x 2.0” x 0.4” package for space-constrained designs. This series offers high efficiency up to 89%, 1600 V dc isolation, and remote ON/OFF control for energy savings. MWB40 DC-DC converters meet IEC/UL/EN60950-1 standards, and built-in safeguards include over temperature, over current, over voltage, short circuit and under voltage protections. A six-sided continuous shield minimizes noise leakage. The units comply to RoHS and REACH, and they carry the CE Mark.