CRT High Voltage Corona Resistant PTFE Wire

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Avoid Corona Problems: Corona Resistant PTFE construction is specifically designed to retard and prevent corona penetration.

Small Size: You do not need bulky, thick insulation jacketing as used with silicone rubber and polyethylene insulation to get your Hi-Voltage requirements. Wire used is Mil-Spec QQ-W-343 and Mil-W-16878.

Temperature Variations: Temperature variations from -90°C to +200°C have no life effect on the corona resistant PTFE. In addition, there is no stress or crack failure under severe, adverse conditions including mechanical strain, moisture, corona or chemical conditions.

Description: Single Conductor, Stranded Silver Plated Copper, Corona Resistant PTFE Insulation.

Voltage Rating: Shown At Sea Level. At 80,000 feet ratings are approximately 1/3 lower.

Minimum Life Expectancy: 10,000 hours.

Operating Temperature: -90°C to 200°C. For 250°C Nickel Plated Copper is available.

Available Colors: White, Black, Red, Green, Yellow, Lt. Blue, Brown, Gray, Violet, Orange. (Tracer colors and shielded constructions are available to order.)

Standard Put-Ups: 250FT, 500FT, 1000FT.

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