DAFLEX Ultra-Flexible FEP Subminiature Cables

Featured Product from Daburn Electronics & Cable

This series is suited for low voltage applications where flexibility is required; such as computer, bio-medical instruments, missiles, robotics, recorders and servers  It can also be used for critical physiological and medical applications where small diameters, long flex-life and non-toxic insulations are of primary consideration.  Useful wherever good flexibility and high temperature resistance is required.    

Description: Each conductor in the cables is ultra-flexible, finely stranded silver plated copper covered with a thin 0.0035” (0.089 mm) wall of color coded, FEP insulation. The conductors are cabled and covered with a thin 0.005” (0.127 mm) black FEP jacket.  Shielded versions have a thin flexible 44 AWG silver plated copper braid over all conductors and underneath the jacket.    

Operating Temperature: -150°C to +200°C.

Operating Voltage: 150 Volts. 

This series is RoHS Compliant.