DAFLEX Viton Fiberglass Sleeving MIL-I-3190/7

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Daburn Viton® Sleeving is a braided fiberglass coated with a modified Viton® composite with exceptional physical and electrical properties.  It is used in DC generators and motors to reduce arcing problems and elsewhere when the need to maintain a silicone-free environment is important. Its flame resistance and excellent resistance to abrasion make it ideally suited for the insulation of leads and connections of critical electrical components as well as for wire harnesses in areas where continuous operating temperatures run as high as 220°C. This sleeving is also used in transformers where resistance to high impingement velocity oils is required and, generally, where better solvent and oil resistance is needed.

  • Excellent abrasion and cut-through resistance
  • Improved flexibility throughout a wide operating temperature range
  • Resistant to aromatic and aliphatic solvents including JP-5; and oils, including Skydrol
  • Resistant to flame
  • Operating. Temperature: -70°C to +220°C
  • Conforms to MIL-I-3190/7 latest revision (Grade A)
  • Exceeds requirements of NEMA TF-1 and ASTM-D372
  • VW-1
  • Class 220

Two different grades of sleeving are offered identified by minimum average dielectric breakdown voltage:

NEMA Grade A – 7,000 volts min. average, 5,000 volts min. individual
NEMA Grade C-1 – 2,500 volt min. average. 1,500 volts min. individual

This series is RoHS compliant.