FEP High Temperature Flat Ribbon Cable

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Description: Daburn FEP ribbon cable reduces crosstalk, compared to PVC constructions. It provides hi-fidelity and dense signal transmission with low dielectric constant. Its low coefficient of friction and excellent abrasion resistance provide a unique non-adhesive and self lubricating surface quality which is ideal for robotics or printer head applications. In addition, it has low water absorption.
The insulation strips and slits easily using conventional equipment available today. It resists corrosion and adhesion and offers the positive properties of Teflon in an IDC configuration.

Each conductor is 28 AWG, 7 strand of 36 AWG silver plated copper with flexible, FEP insulation overall. Conductors are spaced on .050" +/- .002" centers, allowing for mass termination with conventional insulation displacement connectors.

AWG:28 (7/36) Silver Plated Copper Temperature Rating:-65°C to 200°C Nom. Wall:.008" Voltage Rating:300V RMS Thickness:.030 +/- .003" Dielectric Constant:1.54 UL Style:20424 Conductor Resistance:63 OHMS/M' Flammability Rating:UL VW-1 Nom. Capacitance:10.9 PF/FT (G.S.G.) Impedance:120 OHMS nom. (G.S.G.)

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