Miniature Computer Cable

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Each conductor is #28 AWG 7/36 tinned copper, color coded, .009" wall of semi-rigid PVC (UL Style 1061, CSA Type S-R PVC). Conductors are twisted in pairs. Overall aluminum/polyester foil shield and 7 strand tinned copper drain wire, plus an overall braided shield of tinned copper (SHIELD-PLUS®). Gray PVC jacket. Made to UL Style 2464 FCC Docket 20780 Mil-STDs 461-462B.

Construction is flexible and suitable for computer, communication and control applications. Cable resists acids, alkalis, oil, solvents, moisture and fungus.

Temperature Range: -20°C To +80 °C.
Voltage Rating: 300V.
Flammability: Passes UL VW-1.

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