Porcelain Feed-Thru Insulators

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These are quality porcelain insulators with a smooth glaze on the exteriors. They come with heavy nickel plated brass hardware plus cushioning washers.

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#10-06 Antenna Insulator

Antenna Insulator - Glazed White porcelain.

#10-30 Steatite Cone Insulators

Steatite cone insulators have a smooth glaze white. They come complete with brass nickel plated screws and cushion washers. This series is RoHS compliant.

#10-40 Steatite Standoffs

These threaded Steatite pillars are made of L5 glazed Steatite with threaded holes on both sides, and have one hole mounting. This series is RoHS compliant.

#10-67 Metal Base Insulators

Made of hi-tensile strength, low absorption ceramic, fully glazed with a corrugated surface which provides a longer leakage path. Mounting metal base is supplied.

#10-68 Antenna Strain Insulators

Porcelain glazed to prevent moisture absorption. All have long leakage path-small cross section strength under continuos tension.

#10-73 Daburn Airplane Insulators

Suitable for mobile or aircraft or guy wire application. Compression type strain insulators. Nos. 10-73, 10-74 made of white glazed low absorption porcelain. No. 10-72 made of dry process porcelain.

#10-205 Steatite Feed-Thru Insulators

Feedthrus come thru with top and bottoms for chassis, panel, shields, rack mounting. No hardware included. Made of L5 glazed Steatite. This series is RoHS compliant.

#10-237 Lead-In Insulators

Section are each 2 3/4" high glazed hi-vitrified porcelain . Comes with 2 additional bushings 1/4" and 1/2" long, permitting complete insulation of the threaded rod of any length in multiples of 1/4". Complete with brass nickel plated hardware.

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