Control Grips

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To ensure short delivery times, these painted aluminium grips are held in stock,
pre-drilled to take a selection of trimmer switches, toggle switches, buttons,
blanking plates or force-operated miniature thumbsticks. Drawing from our list
of standard options you can determine which combination of functions is
installed in the grip and where each is positioned. Up to three thumb-operated
functions can be specified in addition to a finger-operated trigger.
The resulting multi-function hand controller is particularly suited for use in
adverse conditions. We use a proprietary textured surface finish that is robust
and has sufficient body to insulate against thermal shock. It also ensures that
the grip is comfortable, even after long periods of use.

The MG1 is cast using an aluminium alloy to avoid the high tool cost,
flammability and toxicity problems associated with plastic grips. The use of
aluminium also ensures the device has a low mass - an important factor when it
is used in an environment that may have high vibration levels.
The MG1 can either be panel-mounted as a fixed grip or mounted on a Daco displacement
joystick base. The decision as to which arrangement is most appropriate is
dependent upon environment, application, available space and personal
preference. Perhaps the most important advantage of fixed grips with integral
thumbsticks is that the actions of holding and operating the device are
virtually independent. This is particularly significant in applications where
random operator movement, caused by an unstable operating platform, can be
translated into unwanted control outputs. As fixed grips are stationary, the
risk of flexing wires introducing fatigue failures or hysteresis is removed.
Fixed grips also require less below-panel depth when it comes to installation.
Panel-mounted fixed grips are most commonly used with force-operated
joysticks. This includes cursor control on vehicle-mounted or airborne
equipment, control of helicopter-mounted surveillance equipment and fly-by-wire
controls. On displacement joysticks they are common for use with simulators,
trainers and remotely-operated vehicles.