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From weapons control and airborne and other defense system controls to remotely operated vehicles and other specialist applications; from ultra-rugged miniature joysticks to handheld (gamepad-style) grips to track balls to completely custom specialist hand controllers ... Daco Scientific can provide you with the ideal controls for your design and application & you won't have to wait months for them

FOR EXAMPLE: The increased use of complex underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and the need to get maximum use from them has led to greater demand for high reliability, multi-axis hand controllers.

One example of such a hand controller is, Daco's DP174-1, which was designed in conjuction an American customer. This joystick consists of a 3-axis displacement joystick base fitted with a grip containing two force operated miniature joysticks, one 4 way trimmer switch and a rocking trigger switch. In total, 10 axes of control, 7 of which are proportional.

Although the DP174-1 is a custom built hand controller it uses a very high number of "modular" components, and the start-up delivery time for a quantity of 5 is 6 weeks. Purely modular solutions, still backed by Daco's AS9100 quality management system and minimum two-year warranty, are available in as little as 1-2 weeks, often used for early development or evaluation work while an ideal configuration is agreed upon through our rapid, iterative design process

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