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Military Joystick & Control Product Lines

Daco Scientific offers new gamepad-style grip, finger-and -thumb displacement joystick and yoke / gunners control handle product lines and you won't have to wait months for them.

Following increasing client interest, we are pleased to confirm that we are formally introducing these additional three MIL-STD compliant product lines. In each case, by virtue of a modular design philosophy, strategic stockholding, close relationships with key vendors / partners and (above all) an obsession with compressing time-to -delivery, our lead-times remain best in class and the establishment of these product lines will lead to further reductions.

Gamepad style controllers are most often used for remote control of armoured vehicles or electro-optical systems, finger-and-thumb displacement joysticks are a popular choice for naval command and control consoles and the yoke style, known as gunners' control handles, typically are used in armoured vehicles.

DG200: first delivered in 2003, gamepad-style grips, available from 6 weeks after definition / order. Readily available options include a range of force sensor miniature displacement joysticks (various knob styles and 3 operating forces now available off-the-design-shelf), sealed deadman's handles and guarded triggers, and in-grip serial interfaces.

DP200: first delivered in 2004, 1- and 2-axis finger-and-thumb potentiometric proportional displacement joysticks, available from 4 weeks after definition / order. 3-axis, IP67 variant added earlier this year.

DP400: first delivered in 2004, yoke or gunner-style control handles, with potentiometric or Hall effect sensing, various angles of displacement and completely customisable plastic grips, available from 8 weeks after definition / order.

A brief resume of our existing product lines is also set out below:

  • MG1 / DG100 (now DG1000): modular / customised control grips.
  • MP1 / DP100 (now DP1000): modular / customised displacement joystick bases.
  • DJ100: customised hand-operated force joysticks.
  • MJ3 / DJ300 : modular / customised miniature force joysticks.
  • MT6 & MT4 / DT600 & DT400: modular / customised trackerballs.

Modular products available from just 5 working days after definition/order Often used as initial evaluation or prototype controllers while detailed definition takes place.

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