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High quality joysticks, trackballs or control grips, tailored to your military or industrial application at a realistic price, regardless of the quantity you order, or where in the world you are. From weapon fire control to unmanned aerial vehicles..... Daco Scientific offers standard products to a full design and build service

It is often assumed it is easier to design a hand controller for a simulator than for the "real thing" as the operating environment is less extreme and reliability is less critical. But the levels of use of hand controllers in simulators are typically higher and the extremes of the operational envelope are approached more often. It may be true that reliability is "less critical" but many simulators are multi-million dollar machines that require high utilisation to remain cost effective.

A further consideration is the level of physical compliance to the "real thing". As simulations become more realistic in terms of system response and visual feedback so the emphasis on creating truly representative surroundings increases. For example, when Daco were asked to provide a throttle-box and wing-sweep controller for a fighter/bomber simulator the finished product had to be nearly indistinguishable, both visually and operationally, from the unit found in the actual aircraft.

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