Flexible Oil Seals

Featured Product from Daemar Inc.

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JM Clipper Seals
A complete selection if JM Clipper shaft seals in inch and metric shaft sizes. JM Clipper seal sizes ranging from below one inch to well over 40 inches OD.

JM Clipper and Daemar® Inc. offer one of the largest selections of flexible Oil Seals available.

Made from a Kevlar reinforced heel, this seal can be used as a solid or a split seal. With inch and metric shaft sizes we can provide from stock a seal for almost any size ranging from below one inch to well over 40 inches OD. Nitrile, Viton materials are available and many lip designs for your specific sealing environments.


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Daemar manages the sourcing and delivery of millions of Essential Components to the manufacturing and MRO marketplace. Industry applications are broad; from high volume assembly lines requiring design assistance and supply chain management, all the way to the simple replacement of a single component for maintenance.

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