Custom Vulcanized O-Rings

Featured Product from Daemar Inc.

Custom O-Rings

When you are faced with an application requiring a custom sized o-rings think of Daemar. Our experienced team is focused on providing our customers with high quality custom sized o-rings and our vulcanizing process is structured to meet the most demanding turn around times. Our extensive inventory of inch and metric cord diameters and a range of elastomers and durometers ensures we can meet our customers requirements. When custom profiles are required let us be your source.

Custom Vulcanized O-Rings

For applications requiring a non-standard diameter o-ring a custom vulcanized o-ring is often the fastest and most cost effective solution. Daemar’s custom vulcanized rings are produced from extruded o-ring cord, cut to length and hot spliced using heated dies and a heat sensitive bonding agent. The heated die provides consistent heat and help form a clean and visually appealing finish to the joint. Most of our elastomers can be vulcanized.

Cold Spliced Custom O-Rings

Similar to our vulcanized o-rings, cold spliced o-rings are produced by from extruded o-ring cord stock, however instead of being heat bonded these rings have a bond agent applied and are pressed together with no heat applied. This process is typically used on foam elastomers where heat would damage the material. Our sponge and foam elastomers include EPDM Sponge, Silicone Sponge and Neoprene Sponge.

Extensive Selection of Elastomers and Cord Profiles

Our extensive inventory of standard stock o-ring cord is one of our key strengths in delivery fast solutions to customers. Cord sizes from 0.063” up to 2” and metric sizes from 1mm to 30mm for our core elastomers of Nitrile, Viton, Silicone, Sponge Silicone, Neoprene, EPDM and AFLAS. A selection of standard profile shapes other than round include: Square, Rectangular, Quad (X), U-channels and tubing. These profiles are available in many of the standard elastomers.