Daemar Releases New Caplugs Selector Guide

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Daemar Releases New Caplugs Selector Guide

Daemar Inc is a North American supplier of essential components for industry, and as such, provides a complete line of Caplugs products. These plugs can serve just about any industry by offering protection to fragile vials and pipes, among other pieces.

Caplugs come in a number of materials, shapes, and sizes to serve various applications. To better help customers determine the right plugs for their needs, Daemar has recently published a detailed Caplugs Selector Guide online. The guide includes a full breakdown of products according to material and specification. Each group is identified as either threaded or non-threaded Caplugs. Threaded Caplugs are screw-in parts, whereas non-threaded Caplugs slip on and off, more like a cap.

The guide also includes the range of Shercon Masking products available, hooks and racks, packaging and netting, and more. There are also products designated for specific functions, including products that are useful for pipes and flanges, medical applications, electronics, and compressed gas.

In addition, there is a chart available that helps end-users choose the correct material based on temperature requirements. For example, vinyl caps and plugs will typically only be used in jobs where the temperature does not exceed 190°F. A Material Data Chart on the next page then lists specific mechanical and electrical characteristics, and other properties related to each option to better understand the strengths and limitations of each material.

And because Caplugs products are available in a wide range of colors, there is even a chart to show which colors are available for each material selection. While this may seem irrelevant at first glance, color coding can be helpful at a jobsite so that workers can more easily see which pipes are responsible for each function.

The guide includes much more information than can be listed in one blog. To get the full information and view the complete product list and specifications, view the Caplugs Selector Guide online. To request more information, feel free to contact Daemar online.

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