The Advantages of Daemar for Custom Shims

Featured Product from Daemar Inc.

Partner with Daemar for Custom Shims

The DMR™ Custom Job Shop was built on one simple premise - that standard sizes do not fit all. Partner with a manufacturing company that doesn't fully understand this premise and you could be putting your valuable machinery in harm's way.

Advantages of Daemar for Custom Shim:

  • Quotes processed in 24-48 hours
  • 3-5 day turnaround on most custom jobs
  • Precision manufactured per your requirements
  • Precision Thickness tolerances all to top industry standards
  • Custom packaging & labeling available

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About Daemar Inc.
Daemar manages the sourcing and delivery of millions of Essential Components to the manufacturing and MRO marketplace. Industry applications are broad; from high volume assembly lines requiring design assistance and supply chain management, all the way to the simple replacement of a single component for maintenance.

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