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Achromatic Waveplates: Precision Optics Marvel

Featured Product from Daheng New Epoch Technology, Inc.

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Discover the pinnacle of optical performance with Achromatic Waveplates, where a groundbreaking combination of quartz and magnesium fluoride ensures a constant phase shift irrespective of light wavelength. Engineered to exhibit either λ/4 or λ/2 relative phase differences between axes, these waveplates offer a revolutionary solution for applications demanding precise and consistent optical performance.

Key Features:

  1. Dual Crystalline Materials: Crafted from quartz and magnesium fluoride, Achromatic Waveplates boast a unique design that minimizes wavelength-dependent phase variations, resulting in a nearly flat spectral response.

  2. Broad Spectrum Compatibility: Ideal for tunable lasers, multiple laser-line systems, and various broad-spectrum sources, Achromatic Waveplates provide unparalleled versatility across the entire wavelength range.

  3. Engraved Fast Axis: The fast axis direction is clearly engraved on the outer shell, facilitating easy alignment and ensuring optimal performance in diverse optical setups.


  • Tunable Lasers: Achieve exceptional stability and performance in tunable laser systems.

  • Multiple Laser-Line Systems: Perfect for applications requiring precision in systems with multiple laser lines.

  • Broad Spectrum Sources: Seamlessly adapt to and enhance performance in applications utilizing broad-spectrum light sources.

Elevate your optical experience with Achromatic Waveplates, where cutting-edge design meets unparalleled performance.