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Compact Five-Dimensional Fiber Couplers

Featured Product from Daheng New Epoch Technology, Inc.

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Experience unparalleled precision in optical connectivity with the GCX-C series of fiber couplers. Compact and ingeniously designed, these couplers stand out for their exceptional five-dimensional adjustment capabilities in even the smallest spaces.

Key Features:

  1. Precision Engineering: Achieve meticulous alignment with five degrees of freedom, ensuring optimal performance in demanding optical setups.

  2. Compact Design: Cleverly crafted to fit into tight spaces, these couplers are ideal for applications where size is a critical factor.

  3. High Coupling Efficiency: Enjoy reliable and efficient optical coupling, ensuring minimal signal loss and superior performance.

  4. Stability:* The GCX-C series guarantees stability, even in challenging environments, making it a reliable choice for critical applications.


  1. Telecommunication Networks: Enhance the efficiency and reliability of optical communication networks with precise and stable fiber couplers.

  2. Medical Imaging Systems: Ensure optimal signal transmission in medical imaging equipment, where precision is paramount for accurate diagnostics.

  3. Research Laboratories: Facilitate advanced optical experiments and studies with the GCX-C series, providing the required precision in confined lab spaces.

  4. Data Centers: Optimize optical connections within data centers, where space constraints demand compact yet high-performance components.

Elevate your optical setups with the GCX-C series—where compact design meets unmatched precision for a wide range of critical applications.