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GCL-0104 BK7 Bi-Concave Lenses

Featured Product from Daheng New Epoch Technology, Inc.

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Discover the superior optical performance of our GCL-0104 BK7 Bi-Concave Lenses. Designed with precision and expertise, these lenses effectively diverge parallel input rays, offering a negative focal length and a virtual focus on the object side. Similar to plano-concave lenses, they are particularly well-suited for absolute conjugate ratios closer to 1:1.

Key Features:

  • Divergent Light Control: Expertly crafted to efficiently diverge parallel input rays, ensuring precise control over light dispersion.
  • Negative Focal Length: The lenses exhibit a negative focal length, making them ideal for applications requiring diverging optics.
  • Virtual Focus: With a virtual focus on the object side, these lenses provide unique optical characteristics for specific imaging needs.
  • Optical Precision: Manufactured with BK7 optical glass, ensuring high clarity and minimal aberrations for reliable performance.


  • Imaging Systems: Perfect for applications where controlled light dispersion and divergent optics are crucial, such as in microscopy and imaging setups.
  • Beam Expander Systems: Ideal for beam expansion setups, ensuring efficient and controlled divergence of laser beams.
  • Projection Systems: Well-suited for systems that require precise image projection and focal length manipulation.

Enhance your optical systems with the GCL-0104 BK7 Bi-Concave Lenses, where precision meets versatility for unparalleled optical solutions.