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GCO-2390 LED Pattern Projectors

Featured Product from Daheng New Epoch Technology, Inc.

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GCO - 2390 series products are LED-based lighting pattern projection lens, for high-precision 3D measurement. It improved the light source of the triangulation test with the imaging lens not coaxial error brought by the test, can effectively improve the test precision.
  • Its tilt adjustable lighting model can guarantee the projected target surface area is uniform lighting even if the target surface is not parallel with the lens face, this characteristic plays a vital role in calibration and testing;
  • Configured with different reticle meet different resolutions and different projection pattern requirements, and can achieve projected reticle quickly replaced;
  • Different high power LED light source are optional, suitable for the needs of the different color of light source, has a large luminous flux and lighting contrast
  • C - mount interface can be matched with telecentric lens to guarantee the projection pattern without distortion; The projection pattern without distortion;