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Ground Glass Diffusers: Precision Lighting Control

Featured Product from Daheng New Epoch Technology, Inc.

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Experience a range of scattering applications with our Ground Glass Diffusers featuring three polishing specifications: 220, 600, and 1500 grits. Choose coarse sand (220-grit) for superior diffuse scattering or opt for fine polishing (600-grit and 1500-grit) for higher transmittance. Each diffuser is available in φ25.4mm and φ50.8mm sizes.

GCL-201201 Alignment Sheet: Precision Observation Tool

Enhance Optical Path Adjustment with 1500-Grit Ground Glass

The GCL-201201 alignment sheet boasts 1500-grit on both sides, coupled with a 1 mm alignment hole in the middle. Leverage the diffuse reflection characteristics for clear beam size and spot position observation. This alignment sheet facilitates convenient optical path adjustments, allowing precise control.

Key Features:

  • Material: B270
  • Diameter Tolerance: 0/-0.25mm
  • Clear Aperture: >φ90%

Applications: Suitable for applications requiring a Gaussian distribution of scattered light intensity. Perfect for industries demanding precision in optical alignment and observation.