Cartridge Heaters

Product Announcement from Dalton Electric Heating Co., Inc.

The Revolutionary Watt-Flex® Split-Sheath Cartridge Heater

  • Improves heat transfer
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Reduces cost of process heating

Continuous Heating Coil

  • Eliminates cold sections
  • Even heat profile
  • One element - on/off operation

Tip Options

  • Cool tip
  • Hot tip

Compaction of MgO

  • Denser/more uniform for:
    • Better dielectric
    • Better heat transfer
    • Longer heater life

Expansion when energized

  • Wall-to-wall contact with bore
  • Use in oversized bores

Contraction when de-energized

  • Warranted removal

Heater Accessories

  • Straight or right-angle headers
  • Stainless steel flexible conduit
  • Stainless steel braid

Lead Modifications

  • Standard or high-temperature leads
  • Threaded post terminals
  • Clip support
  • Quick disconnect
  • Ceramic leads

Heater Modifications

  • Contaminant protection: RTV or ceramic potting
  • Stainless steel flange
  • Extra cold section at terminal end
  • Distributed wattage
  • Integral ground wire
  • Puller end plug

External Thermocouple

  • Replaceable thermocouple
  • Temperature sensing of exterior sheath for greater accuracy
  • Position of sensing determined by thermocouple insertion

About Dalton Electric Heating Company:

Since 1921, Dalton Electric has been a leader in industrial process heating.

Dalton heaters are used for industrial process heat applications in automotive, aerospace, plastics, adhesives, semiconductors, and many other industries throughout the world. Products include the Watt-Flex® split-sheath cartridge heater and immersion heater, Diff-Therm® platen heaters for vacuum diffusion pumps, and related high-temperature accessories and heater modifications.

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