Say BYE BYE to Bore Seizure with Watt-Flex®Heaters

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Watt-Flex®  cartridge heaters are made with a patented split sheath construction. When energized, the legs expand bi-laterally, providing wall-to-wall contact with the bore to maximize heat transfer, allowing the heater to run cooler to maintain the set-point temperature. (Cooler running also heaters last longer). When the Watt-Flex® cartridge heater is de-energized, it contracts to nearly its original size, allowing ease of removal. In fact, the Watt-Flex® heater is the only cartridge warranted removable from the bore.

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Watch>>>Watt-Flex® Cartridge Heaters Eliminate Uneven Heating

Watch>>>Cartridge Heaters Eliminate Bore Seizure

Process Heating Engineering Data and Application Design Considerations

Process Heating Engineering Data and Application Design Considerations 

About Dalton Electric Heating Company:
Since 1921, Dalton Electric has been a leader in industrial process heating.
Dalton heaters are used for industrial process heat applications in automotive, aerospace, plastics, adhesives, semiconductors, and many other industries throughout the world. Products include the Watt-Flex® split-sheath cartridge heater and immersion heater, Diff-Therm® platen heaters for vacuum diffusion pumps, and related high-temperature