Watt-Flex® Heaters For Oversize Bores

Featured Product from Dalton Electric Heating Co., Inc.

The unique bi-lateral expansion of Watt-Flex® cartridge heaters eliminates the need for tight fits and makes them well-suited for use in oversized bores where conventional cartridge heaters cannot be used effectively - especially after heaters were drilled out.
Cartridge heater fit is measured as the difference between the inside bore diameter (I.D.) and the outside dimension (O.D.) of the heater. The suggested fit for a Watt-Flex Cartridge Heater is 0.010" greater than the nominal heater diameter.
For example, the ideal bore diameter for a 1/2" diameter Watt-Flex heater (0.495” nominal) would be (0.502” to 0.505").
At the maximum tolerance dimension of the heater (0.497”) and the minimum bore diameter (0.502), the heater would have a 0.005" fit, allowing easy insertion and removal.
Generally, smaller diameter heaters benefit from a tighter fit and fit can be loosened for larger diameters and as length increases.


To find out how Watt-Flex® cartridge heaters can make the difference in your application, contact us factory direct at 978 356-9844 or visit www.daltonelectric.com to request more info., check pricing and stock.

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Process Heating Engineering Data and Application Design Considerations 


Process Heating Engineering Data and Application Design Considerations 

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