High Quality, Durable Articulating Fiberscopes

Featured Product from Danatronics Corporation

Available in 4 and 6mm, the Freedomview is a line of portable, 2-way articulating small diameter fiberscopes. The compact system has a patent pending integrated light source that provides exceptional light and visual clarity. Available in diameters as small as 3.2mm, this is the ideal unit for jobs that demand a rugged and reliable unit.


  • High Intensity LED Light Source (5500 Kelvin/Natural Sunlight Quality) for fast, accurate visual inspection.
  • Two-way articulation at tip.
  • Adaptable to video/digital camera.
  • Integrated LED light source eliminates the need for separate light sources and cables.

Typical Applications:

  • Aviation Engine Inspection
  • Automotive Inspection
  • Law Enforcement
  • Castings
  • General Inspection
  • Building & Construction