Fiberglass Tape - temperatures to 1000°F

Product Announcement from Darco Southern, Inc.

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Darco Southern - has produced a line of lower cost TETRAGLAS® TAPES, in a lighter grade of Fiberglass Tape, plain and drop warp. The tape is manufactured with texturized fiberglass yarns and will withstand temperatures to 1000°F continuous service.

Industrial Grade Fiberglass Tape w/PSA features a pressure sensitive

adhesive backing that is intended to facilitate the installation

of the tape when adhering the tape to the surface over which it is

being applied. The tape is used around sheet metal flanges and

around small doors. At elevated temperatures, there will be some

loss of adhesive properties.

Plain Industrial Grade Fiberglass Tape impregnated with PTFE

Fluoropolymer Resin offers the same advantages of Tetraglas® but

at a lower cost.

For service temperatures up to 550°F.

Vermiculite Coated Industrial Grade Fiberglass Tape and

Vermiculite Coated Industrial Grade Fiberglass Tape w/PSA are

manufactured from texturized fiberglass yarns then coated with

Vermiculite (a 100% inorganic dispersion), Vermiculite Coated

Industrial Grade Tape will withstand

temperatures of 1500°F with excursions to 2000°F.

This product is excellent for pipe wrap or gasketing products.

Provides excellent resistance to almost all solvents, caustics and acids

• Shrink wrapped for added protection

✓ – Available in PLAIN Industrial Grade Tape

✓ – Available in DROP WARP Style Industrial

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