Digital Speed Pot - Now With Serial Communication

Product Announcement from Dart Controls, Inc.

The ASP40 Digital Closed-Loop speed pot from Dart Controls is a variable speed motor control accessory used with conventional AC, DC or Brushless DC drives regardless of brand or HP rating.  The NEW -51 option provides support for RS232/485 serial communication to adjust speed and other parameters automatically from a plc or SCADA supervisory control system.

Most AC and DC drives come from the factory configured to run in a single, open loop mode. Many drive applications require some sort of speed change in proportion to a reference. Mixing and blending applications may require two or more motors to run in proportion to a master reference. The ASP40 adds this capability to any drive that has a potentiometer or voltage follower input for set speed.

Target speeds are displayed directly in RPM, FPM, GPM; process time, ratio, or any other engineering unit of measure. Front-panel access allows factory or field programming of the the ASP40 to the exact configuration needed for each application; maximimum and minimum set-points, decimal points or colons, operating mode (Master, Time or Ratio), and math functions to accomodate motor gear ratios.

The ASP40 is simple to operate...Just set the desired rate, ratio, or time in the large 1/2 inch LED display one digit at a time, or fast sweep. The ASP40 helps motor loops overcome line voltage variation, load changes and other factors that make open loop systems less repeatable.

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