Hall-Effect Speed Sensor Ends Alignment Worries

Featured Product from Dart Controls, Inc.

The PU Series design is completely self-contained: No wheels, discs or gears to install; no sensors to align. The magnet wheel used by the Dart Controls Inc. PU-E is incorporated into the pick-up assembly. Alignment of the PU Series Hall-Effect sensor to the magnet wheel is maintained by the vacuum formed housing.

The Dart PU Series operates on anywhere from 5 to 24 Vdc source power, providing a clean square wave output at a rate proportional to the shaft speed being measured. The output is typically used by tachometers, programmable rate meters, master/slave controllers in blending and proportional control applications, and as feedback for closed loop speed controls of all descriptions and size.

Factory or field replacement of the PU magnet wheel will provide anywhere from 1 to 20 pulses / revolution, depending on the magnet wheel used.

As an option the PU Series may be ordered from the factory to indicate rotation direction in addition to speed (QUAD model).

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