1st Ceramic Hermetic DDR2 Memory for Space (RADC)

Featured Product from Data Device Corporation (DDC)

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DDC introduces the first CCGA Rad-Hard DDR2 SDRAM for space applications, the latest addition to DDC's wide range of high density space grade ceramic hermetic memories, spanning Flash (NAND/NOR), SDRAM, SRAM and EEPROM solutions. The new DDR2 (97D2H) offers up to 8 Gb of SDRAM in a compact CCGA package, providing a highly reliable and flexible memory solution for long dependable use and ease of design. The hermetic ceramic packaging provides excellent radiation tolerance for TID (>100 krad orbit/mission dependent) and Single Event Effects (no latch up), while the universal package accommodates multiple density and data width options to enable simplified board design, system integration and error correction implementation.