30A/200V High-Efficiency 3-Phase Motor Drive (PWR)

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30A/200V High-Efficiency, High-Reliability Smart Power 3-Phase Motor Drive

 Bohemia, New York (August 2017) Data Device Corporation (DDC) introduces a new high power 3-Phase Bridge drive designed to precisely deliver current to windings of 3-Phase Brush and Brushless DC Motors, with a high-efficiency MOSFET drive stage. The new PWR-82335 motor drive offers up to an 8x improvement in power efficiency compared with the previous generation PWR-82331 bridge drive, and is a pin compatible direct replacement. The new rugged, compact 3-phase motor drive hybrid (PWR-82335) utilizes a high-efficiency MOSFET drive stage with 200 VDC rating, to deliver a high-speed switching frequency of up to 50kHz and a high current capability of up to 30A to the motor.  Featuring an extended -55°C to +125°C temperature range, with available military processing options, the PWR-82335 is ideal for harsh, space constrained defense and aerospace environments.


  • Ideal for harsh defense and aerospace environments, being able to endure extreme:
    • Shock and Vibration
    • Temperature (-55°C to +125°C)
  • Provides constant output performance for switching frequencies from DC to 50 kHz
  • Powerful MOFSET drive stage enables:
    • High speed switching frequency up to 50 kHz
    • High current, up to 30A
    • High efficiency, up to an 8x improvement over earlier generation PWR-82331 motor drive
  • Pin compatible direct replacement for PWR-82331 hybrid motor drive

“Packaged in a small, ruggedized case, with a high-efficiency MOSFET drive stage, this high-reliability motor drive is an excellent choice for harsh, space constrained defense and aerospace environments requiring optimized performance” stated Michael Agic, DDC Product Line Manager, Motor Controllers.

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