Motor drive and control COTS solutions (PWSB)

Featured Product from Data Device Corporation (DDC)

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Position, Torque & Speed Control
  • COTS/MOTS solutions for motor drive & control
  • High-performance controllers & drives for 3-phase brushless DC motors
  • Power saving efficiency & fast programming flexibility to enable optimal motor performance
  • Applications include: pump control, actuator systems, valve assemblies, fuel pumps, robotics, electric drives & thrusters, thrust vector control, landing gear, turrets, space, antenna & solar panel positioning, and reaction wheels

Hi-Rel Configurable Plug & Play Motor Controller 
Modular & scalable DSP-based, full featured motor controller provides multi-interface position, torque & speed control, with 600/1200VDC, up to 75A output current, and GUI to configure for optimal motor performance.

?PW-87 Series

Compact, High Power Density Motor Controller Accelerates Time-to-Market 
80V/30A rated BLDC motor controller provides high performance torque, speed & position control, from -40°C to +105°C, with power saving efficiency and fast programming flexibility to enable optimal motor performance.


Radiation Tolerant 3-Phase
DC Motor Torque Controller 

High performance radiation tolerant torque loop self-contained 3-phase motor controller, operates as a current or voltage controller providing constant output performance for switching frequencies from DC to 50kHz.