Easy-to-Use Motion Feedback Input PCIe Board (MFB)

Featured Product from Data Device Corporation (DDC)

Flexible, Easy-to-Use Motion Feedback Input PCIe Board, for High Accuracy Synchro/Resolver Measurement

Bohemia, New York (May 2016) Data Device Corporation (DDC) introduces a new high accuracy Synchro/Resolver input PCIe board offering an easy and flexible solution for angular measurement testing in production screening and prototype evaluation. The new SB-3625XKX board features a user-friendly Windows® Graphical User Interface (GUI) and a comprehensive Synchro/Resolver LabVIEW® support package, to support a wide range of applications and test requirements. The board delivers high accuracy resolution, up to 1 Arc minute based on DDC’s RD-19230 high-precision analog-to-digital converter technology, along with a high independent channel density. The SB-3625XKX Input PCIe Card is complimented by DDC’s SB-3623XKX Output PCIe Card, which is currently in production, with an instrument grade accuracy of 30 arc seconds.


  • Convenient method for production and prototype testing of angle measurement systems
  • Turnkey GUI to operate all board functions
  • 4 or 8 Synchro/Resolver input channels, each with independent reference input
  • Accuracy to 1 arc minute
  • Programmable resolution, bandwidth & two-speed

“This flexible, high-accuracy, motion feedback input board was designed for ease-of-use in mind, to simplify all stages of prototype development and production testing” stated Rolf Mahler, DDC Product Line Director, Motion Feedback & Industrial Solutions. “The introduction of the SB-3625XKX Input PCIe Card is the first of several new product announcements planned this year in the continued expansion of our Synchro/Resolver to Digital Converter product line.”

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