Serial Output Resolver-to-Digital Converter (SDC)

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Save Development Time & Free up I/O Resources with DDC’s Serial Output (SPI) Resolver-to-Digital Converter!

Bohemia, New York (April 2018) Data Device Corporation (DDC) introduces a new compact and reliable Resolver-to-Digital Converter offering a low cost, off-the-shelf solution for today’s rugged, high reliability motion control applications. The RD-19242 converter is an extremely flexible motion control solution, offering user programmable resolution, bandwidth, and tracking rate, enabling it to readily interface with a wide range of Synchro, Resolver, Inductosyn, LVDT, RVDT, MR and Halls Sensor applications. The converter features an integrated reference oscillator that reduces cost and external component count, and a serial output (SPI) that utilizes less processor I/O, freeing up valuable I/O resources that can be used for other application and expansion requirements.

  • Save Development Time, Effort and Costs
    • Standard off-the-shelf solution enables faster time to market  & reduces risk and effort required by in-house resources
    • Integrated reference oscillator reduces cost & external component count
    • Available RD-19242EX-3L0 development kit offers an easy way to evaluate DDC's RD-19242 resolver-to-digital converters, with little to no installation and configuration setup time required
  • Extreme Flexibility Enables this Single Component to Support a Wide Array of Applications
    • Programmable resolution, bandwidth and tracking rate
    • Use to interpolate Synchro, Resolver, Inductosyn, LVDT, RVDT, MR, and Hall sensors
    • Encoder emulation enables replacement of an encoder with a rugged resolver
    • -55°C to +125°C operating temperature range
  • Free Up Processor Resources
    • Serial output (SPI) utilizes less I/O from processor

“Featuring advanced programmability along with an integrated reference oscillator and serial output, the RD-19242 resolver-to-digital converter is a highly flexible and efficient, off-the-shelf motion control solution, offering system developers the ability to readily tailor it for their specific application requirements without incurring the costs, efforts and risks associated with custom designed solutions”, stated Roger Tomassi, DDC’s Product Line Manager.

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