SCM5B DC LVDT Signal Conditioning Modules

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Dataforth Corporation's SCM5B43 modules were the industry's first to provide isolation and signal conditioning for precision linear DC displacement transducers in the popular "5B" configuration.

Each SCM5B43 general purpose input module with DC excitation accepts a single channel of DC displacement transducer input which is filtered, isolated, scaled, and converted to a high-level analog voltage output for transmission to the host data acquisition, measurement, and/or control system. The output is logic-switch controlled, allowing the modules to share a common analog bus without requiring the addition of external multiplexers. Special input circuits provide protection of the signal inputs and isolated excitation supply up to 240VAC. The 1kHz bandwidth reduces the ripple and noise inherent in these devices. The modules are powered from a +5VDC, ±5% supply.

Linear DC displacement transducers are used in a wide range of precision positioning applications and require a very stable excitation supply. Transducer excitation in the SCM5B43 is provided from the module by a fully isolated, very stable 10V source. This allows amplifier inputs to operate over the full range of the excitation voltage, ensuring significant application flexibility. SCM5B43 modules provide a choice of eight full-scale input ranges from ±1V to ±10V, producing ±5V full-scale output.

The SCM5B modules incorporate Dataforth's proprietary Isochopper™ circuitry for improved signal integrity and protection. Isolation is provided by transformer coupling, using another proprietary technique to suppress transmission of spikes and surges.

Click here for the SCM5B43 General Purpose Input Modules Datasheet.

Key SCM5B43 Features

  • Interfaces to DC displacement transducers and other devices requiring stable DC supply
  • High-level voltage outputs
  • 1500Vrms transformer isolation
  • ANSI/IEEE C37.90.1 transient protection
  • 240VAC continuous input protection
  • Fully isolated excitation supply
  • 1kHz signal bandwidth
  • CSA Certified, FM Approved, CE and ATEX Compliant

Additional features include 100dB CMR, ±0.03% accuracy, and ±0.005% linearity.

About Dataforth Corporation:

Dataforth was established in 1984 and is the world leader in data acquisition, signal conditioning and data communication products for industrial applications. Worldwide, our electronic data acquisition, signal conditioning, and data communication products provide rugged signal and data integrity and wide spectrum accuracy.

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