Extension Boards for CryptoAuthentication Tokens

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Extension Boards for CryptoAuthentication Tokens
Microchip offers a CryptoAuthentication starter kit to aid in the development of embedded applications using CryptoAuthentication ICs.  The CryptoAuthentication SOIC XPRO Starter Kit (part number DM320109) may be purchased from Microchip Direct or from authorized Microchip distributors.

ATEK offers two extension boards that work with Microchip’s CryptoAuthentication Starter Kit. The two boards plug into the extension ports of the SAMD21-XPRO development board that is included in the starter kit. One board is offered with a vertically oriented board-mount receptacle, where the other is horizontally oriented. Both boards come with a header connector for interfacing to panel-mount SlimLine™ receptacles.

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