Thermoset Rubber Ball Knobs

Featured Product from Davies Molding, LLC

Thermoset Rubber Ball Knobs-Image

Davies ball knobs come in a wide selection of diameters, materials, and molded-in inserts. There are thousands of uses for ball knobs: lawn mowers, exercise equipment, machinery, valves, spigots, levers and much more.

  •  Extensive diameter assortment of ball knobs available in thermoplastic (TP), thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), and thermoset (TS) materials.
  • Thermoset ball knobs are available in both rubber and phenolic.
  • Deluxe ball knobs feature a high gloss sheen and are buffed and polished.
  • Standard ball knobs are available in several sizes, ranging from 43/64" to 2-3/8" in diameter.
  • An optional shank to add height may be included when extra clearance is needed.
  • Our thermoplastic ball knobs come in a variety of colors.
  • Female insert, projecting stud, and molded/tapped threads options are available.
  • Knobs can be decorated or customized to your specific need.
  • Click here to see part numbers for additional information, and search by diameter, mounting, material, etc.