Deep UV waveplate

Featured Product from Dayoptics, Inc.

Producing all kinds of high-power optical components. In addition to the deep ultraviolet wave plate, we also have the wave plate of ultraviolet, visible and infrared bands. UV range: 230-450, infrared range: 3500-7000m.Our wave plates are made of high quality glass materials with high precision, high damage threshold and better operating temperature bandwidth.

Advantages of IBS membrane: The adhesion between the membrane layer and the substrate is good, the film density is large, the pinhole is few, the film thickness is controllable and the repeacability is good, so it is easier to obtain the uniform thickness film than the vacuum coating. Moreover, the HR films prepared by ion beam sputtering have smaller absorption and scattering losses. For plates with grooves and steps, the film thickness difference caused by the cathode effect can be reduced to a negligible extent.