High Precision Prisms

Featured Product from Dayoptics, Inc.

There are many types of prisms, each having a particular geometry to achieve the reflections which is necessary to perform a specific imaging task. Reflecting prisms may invert, rotate, deviate or displace a beam. Dispersing prisms produce spectral separation for spectroscopic applications or tuning a laser output.

Prisms including:

  • Penta Prism,
  • Beamsplitter Penta Prism
  • Right Angle Prism
  • Corner Cube (retroreflectors)
  • Anamorphic prism
  • Dove Prism
  • Dispersion prism
  • Micro Prism

The prisms from Dayoptics are with very high precision, such as 10 arcsend angle tolerance, lambda/10 flatness. Anti-reflection coating, high reflection coating, metal coating are available for the prisms.

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