NLO Crystal - LBO

Featured Product from Dayoptics, Inc.

Dayoptics can provide large aperture LBO crystals which can be used for harmonic generation and OPO of high average/peak power Q-switched Neodymium lasers, where other crystals can't withstand. Non-critical phase matching in a wide range achievable by temperature tuning allows employing long crystals without any walk-off influence on nonlinear interaction efficiency. Especially this application is attractive for CW and quasi-CW lasers.


  • Aperture: 1x1 ~ 12x12mm
  • Length: 0.02 ~ 25mm
  • Phase matching angle θ and φ: Determined by different kinds of homonic generation.
  • Phase matching type: Type I or Type II
  • End configuration: Flat, brewster or specified