Oil & Gas Submersible Tape

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Oil & Gas Exploration/Production
The DeWAL pressure sensitive tape line includes a group of specially constructed products made for use in oil and gas exploration and production. DeWAL oil and gas tapes provide the temperature and chemical resistance of Teflon® FEP and PTFE backing films combined with DeWAL proprietary adhesive systems. The intrinsic frictional qualities of these backing materials allow for smooth operation, even under the most demanding application conditions. The Teflon® FEP film is optically clear and offers excellent dielectric properties.

There are three tapes in this product family: DW 704-2 consists of a two mil FEP film coated with a high-temperature silicone adhesive system. This product is a self-wound tape without a release liner. DW 706-2 is also a two mil FEP and silicone adhesive product. The non-adhesive side of DW 706-2 is chemically treated in order to provide greater bond strength when it is applied to itself. DW 245-5 is constructed from five mil PTFE film and a specially formulated acrylic adhesive. This adhesive is capable of withstanding temperatures up to 400 degrees F. The PTFE film is etched on the back side, providing a bondable surface.

The DeWAL Advantage
Since our beginning in 1974, DeWAL, now part of Rogers Corporation, has become an industry leader in the manufacture of high performance polymer films and pressure sensitive tapes. Our films are among the longest and widest splice free lengths in the industry.

DeWAL uses only the highest quality engineered resin blends. Consult your DeWAL Representative for more information.

Hugo DiClemente and Edward Walsh established DeWAL Industries in 1974 to process PTFE resin into film that was seen as the best-made product on the market. Both Hugo and Ed had worked together previously and already had over 20 years of experience under their belt. The original company, located in Hope, RI, employed 3 people, while today DeWAL has grown to over 150 employees in Narragansett, RI. 

The business started processing high quality sintered, skived PTFE films and expanded to include skived UHMW-PE films. Over the 44 years since the beginning in 1974, DeWAL has stayed in the forefront of technology in the fluoropolymer products markets. We not only skive the highest quality PTFE and UHMW films, we also offer a wide array of Pressure Sensitive Tapes, extruded / unsintered PTFE films along with highly technical Expanded PTFE as well as Porous PTFE and UHMW products for a wide range of industries, including:


Over this time DeWAL has never lost focus on the products that the company started with and is considered an industry leader in thin film technology. DeWAL Industries is an ISO 9001:2015 Registered Company, focused on “High Quality Products” and “Innovative Solutions.” Everyone in the DeWAL family of employees is committed to help our customers compete in the ever-growing competitive world market.