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Tideflex® Mixing System for Municipal Water Tanks

Featured Product from DeZURIK, Inc.

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Ensuring pristine drinking water from its source to your tap is a growing priority for municipal water systems. One critical area where water quality often suffers is within water storage tanks.

Addressing issues like short-circuiting, stratification, residual loss, and DBP spikes in these tanks is precisely what the Tideflex® Mixing System (TMS) is engineered to accomplish. With over 400,000 water storage tanks spread across the USA and Canada, and with increasingly stringent water quality standards in place, achieving thorough mixing and enhancing water quality hinges on the meticulous design of a multi-port mixing system. This system incorporates variable orifice Tideflex® Nozzles, precisely calibrated to optimize jet velocity and evenly distribute the inlet flow momentum throughout the entire tank volume.

During the warmer months, when inlet water tends to be colder and less buoyant, TMS ensures that inlet jets effectively reach the water surface, preventing stagnation. Additionally, strategically placed Waterflex Outlet Valves on the TMS manifold prioritize drawing out the oldest water from the tank first, effectively eliminating short-circuiting.

For a visual demonstration of the TMS in action, click on the video below. Let's work together to safeguard our water quality from source to tap.