Case Study: Terex CC-6800

Service Detail from Deep South Crane & Rigging

Case Study: Terex CC-6800-Image

The Challenge:

To deliver and erect four distillation towers for a natural gas fractionation facility in Mont Belvieu, Texas. These towers included a 400-ton de-ethanizer, a 317-ton depropanizer, a 215-ton debutanizer, and a 326-ton deisobutanizer.

The Solution:

The Demag CC-6800 traveled with the full load on the hook, utilizing a Deep South-designed set of full moment connection bridge ramps. The firm also walked the fully assembled crane from one side of the unit to the other, saving the client three days on the schedule.  The Demag CC-2800 served as the tail crane.

The Details:

In the spring of 2013, a natural gas fractionation facility was building an additional 100,000-barrels-per-day processing facility in southeast Texas.

When it came time to erect four distillation towers weighing in at a combined 1,258 tons, S&B Engineers & Constructors called upon Deep South Crane & Rigging.

“We have done a high volume of work for this client, and they rely on us to take on challenging projects and develop solutions that make sense from a construction point of view and from a cost point of view,” says project manager Jimmy McClung of Deep South’s Houston office.

“They have trust in us, our people, and our equipment that we can do the challenging jobs—the heavy lifts and tight locations—all on schedule and on budget.”

This three-month project began in February of 2013. Deep South’s mission: Install two towers on the east side and two on the west side of the unit. The site in the small town of Mont Belvieu posed a number of challenges that the Deep South team resolved for its client.

First, the lone access road leading to the facility had to remain open at all times. Additionally, the concrete foundation work was already in place, leaving very limited access for the Demag CC-6800.   

Faced with the immediate challenge of observing ground-bearing pressure allowances, Deep South engineers designed a set of full moment connection bridge ramps beneath the crane to properly distribute the load. This allowed the Demag CC-6800 to travel with the full load on its hook.     

“Attaining that ground-bearing level is not a big challenge in itself, but when you move the crane with the full load on the hook, that’s where it becomes challenging,” McClung says. “The bridge ramps distributed the load as if it was one continuous piece, and we were ready to go.”

Deep South also employed some impressive maneuvers to operate within the confined space. Crane operators reduced the SL radius from 24 meters to 18 meters, allowing the equipment to turn 360 degrees. They achieved the initial lift of the first tower from a horizontal position to a vertical position without the SL attached to the crane, then walked the crane back with the load on the hook, maneuvering it to clear one of the facility’s existing structures. Operators later attached the SL tray and lowered the boom to 175-foot radius to set the tower.

When it was time to move to the west side of the unit, Deep South opted to walk the fully-assembled crane into position instead of disassembling, moving and rebuilding it. That alone shaved three days from client’s schedule.

McClung says challenging projects like this one were precisely what the Demag CC-6800 is designed to handle. As one of the larger crawler cranes in the country, its lifting capacity is impressive. At the same time, it boasts a small footprint, allowing it access into confined areas other cranes can’t reach. 

“Having the ability to move a crane with a load on the hook gives you a lot of flexibility on planning the job and executing it,” McClung says. “The ability of the 6800 to do that, as well as fit into tight spaces—that’s what allowed us to meet the client’s expectations.”

The Terex CC-6800, Deep South’s newest tool, has the versatility, mobility, and lifting capacity to perform long and high lifts due to its very strong luffing jib. This 1400T crawler crane has a variable Superlift attachment enabling it to work in tight spaces. For more information, contact Deep South.