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DSV28N-NC-S (Normally Closed Steam Valve)
The DSV28N-NC-S from Deltrol Controls is a 2-way, normally closed, wet plunger solenoid valve. It is designed to control the flow of steam in beverage equipment applications.

Electrical Specifications

  • Coil Voltages: 12, 24, 36 VDC
  • Coil Power: 7 Watts
  • Coil Terminals: 0.25" QC spade terminals
  • Duty Cycle: Continuous = 100%
  • Coil Treatment: Polyester encapsulated
  • Insulation Class: Class F 155º C (311º F)
  • Ambient Temperature: 25º [77º F]


Mechanical Specifications

  • Media: Water, air up to 200ºF [93º C]
  • Operating Pressure: Up to 60 psi [4.1 bar]
  • Inlet/Outlet Connections:
  • -6mm & 0.25" QC push in fittings
  • -5/16" [8 mm], 1/4", or 6 mm Jaco compression fittings
  • -1/4" barb fittings for 1/4" ID tubing
  • Mounting:
  • -2X Ø0.15 [3.8] holes on body for self-tapping screws
  • -3/4" panel mount body option available
  • Valve Body Material: PSU - Polysulfone
  • Seal Material: Silicone
  • Weight: 4.0 oz (113 gms)
  • Agency Approvals: UR, cUR, NSF


Mini Solenoid Valves
The DSV28N series solenoid valves from Deltrol Controls are miniature 2-way solenoid valves used to control the flow of liquids and inert gases up to 120 psi. They are designed with materials appropriate for potable water applications.

  • Normally open and normally closed options
  • Quick connect, barb, panel mount, and compression fitting port options
  • Wet and dry plunger designs
  • UL and NSF certifications
  • Custom designs available upon request (min quantities apply)


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