Programmable DC Loads from 150W to 960W

Product Announcement from Deodhar Electro Design P. Ltd.

Programmable DC Loads from 150W to 960W-Image

The Programmable DC Loads are available from 150W to 960W in single individual Modules in compact 2U high Standard 19" Rack. They are expandable for higher power ratings and can be offer as single channel or multi channel configurations. They also offer the flexibility for various modes of operation such as Constant Current, Constant Voltage, Constant Power and Constant Resistance.


  • Models from 150W to 960W per Channel.
  • Available in Single Channel, Multi Channel, Master Slave Configurations.
  • Remote Programming, Monitoring and Controls through either RS 232 or GPIB.
  • Easy Expandability for Higher Power Ratings with Add on Modules.
  • 2 x 16 Character Bright VFD Display on the Front Panel.