Antireflection Coatings

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AR coatings are the most extensively employed type of optical thin film.  By reducing the amount of light reflected from a surface, they improve system throughput, increase contrast, and enhance signal-to-noise ratio in virtually every type of optical system.

DSI utilizes three distinct deposition processes to produce AR coatings: evaporation, sputtering and chemical vapor deposition.  This allows us to provide the best solution for your application, not just the one we happen to have available.  And, unlike most other coating companies, DSI can apply efficient AR coatings to highly curved parts, even internal surfaces.  Our complete capabilities span wavelengths from the UV through the long wave IR, and cover a diverse range of substrate materials, including glasses, IR materials, and even patterned coatings (using photolithography) on semiconductor wafers.

DSI AR Coating Advantages:

  • Can be applied to highly curved optics
  • Can be applied to internal surfaces
  • High transmission/low loss
  • Custom wavelength ranges
  • Exceptional durability

DSI AR Coating Applications:

  • Laser systems
  • Illumination optics
  • Imaging systems
  • Ranging and targeting
  • Fiber optic coupling optics
  • Beam shaping optics
  • Telecommunication systems