Spherical and Cylindrical Optics

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Deposition Sciences IsoDyn™ coatings are used in a multitude of industries. Applications that require high durability, seamless and conformal deposition on highly curved surfaces are supported utilizing our LPCVD process.

The unique aspect of the LPCVD process is its capability to uniformly coat all surfaces, even the most complex shapes, with a high quality multi-layer optical coating. Deposition Sciences’ IsoDyn™ ultra-durable optical coatings also feature laser damage threshold (LDT) levels as high as 25 MW/cm2.



DSI produces AR coated domes using our unique IsoDyn® deposition process.  This technology directly solves the two major problems encountered when AR coating small, highly curved parts using traditional evaporative or sputtering methods.  Specifically, these are difficulty in producing films of uniform thickness on highly curved parts, and the issue of leaving large “tooling marks” (that is, uncoated areas) on small sized components.  IsoDyn® delivers highly uniform, high efficiency, multilayer coatings over the entire dome surface  with diameters as small as 0.25 mm, with negligible tooling effects.  Single or dual band AR coatings with less than 0.25% reflection per surface can be readily produced using this method.

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