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Hand Held Automatic Feed Screwdriver

DTI 5000 Automatic Screw Feeding & Screw Driving Systems

Design Tool, Inc. manufactures hand held automatic feed screw driving systems in pistol grip and inline versions. Electric or pneumatic driver tools are used for most all screw types and torque ranges. Custom built for your application!


The Design Tool DTI 5000 is handheld screw feeding and driving systems that automatically blow feed screws with custom-engineered tooling that is designed to receive the blow fed screws. The tooling on the end of the driver tool is designed internally to fit the screws being automated and externally to fit the part being assembled. An electric or pneumatic driver tool is adapted to the tooling, according to the customer's application needs and preferences.


Design Tool, Inc. specializes in making systems rugged in designed and the most reliable systems in the market! We build on any brand of screwdrivers using pistol-grip tools for horizontal driving of screws and inline driver tools for vertical-down driving of fasteners.


The DTI 5000 is designed to perfectly meet the needs of manufacturing and assembly engineers: finding the most productive automation tool at the best price with the lowest total cost of ownership. We fully guarantee our screwfeeders. Our Autofeed screwdrivers are extensively quality controlled with your screws using your parts.


Our Rigid Feature:

DTI's "Rigid" feature engages the bit and the screw in the nosepiece assembly. This feature allows the operator to use the screw to align parts and assure themselves that they are correctly positioned before they drive the screw into the part.


Our Retracting "Shuckback" Feature:

Printed circuit boards, parts with tight clearances and screws driven in hard-to-reach areas all benefit from Design Tools Shuckback feature. As soon as the operator initiates the drive cycle, units built with Shuckback retract the nosepiece collets up and out of the way. This leaves only the bit and the screw to fasten the parts together. Access to tight and restricted areas is significantly enhanced using this retracting feature of our handheld automatic screw feeding and driving systems. Parts that were not previously automatable are now possible with our exclusive design.


Design & Service

The Design Tool team has a combined 100 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of automatic screw driving equipment. Each DTI 5000 auto screwfeeder is designed specifically to the customer's fastener and application using our vast 3-d CAD skills. The DTI 5000 can be designed with pistol grip or straight type air screwdrivers with various rpm's and torque. Reverse capabilities are almost always included, but call us to share your specific needs.


Rugged & Efficient

Design Tool holds five (5) patents on our automatic screwfeeding systems. The simplicity of our patented feed mechanism has only one moving part. Our twist-lock escapement cover permits access to the escapement mechanism in seconds without the use of tools. Our systems are designed to be rugged and reliable for heavy production in any assembly environment.

The automatic shut off feature on the DTI 5000 feeder bowl unit saves energy and reduces wear on the bowl. The machine automatically restarts when the operator drives another screw.


Ease of Operation

Our unique barrel design allows the DTI 5000 to be much smaller in size and lighter in weight in comparison to other machines. The patented barrel design allows flexibility to position the entrance tube anywhere on the barrel and sleeve assembly. This design enables the DTI 5000 to be used in more applications than other units on the markets today.

Call Design Tool, Inc. today at 800-948-1038 or visit our website and let us help you increase worker's productivity by at least 30 to 50 percent without an increase in personnel.

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